“We are inspired and guided by the dictum TRUST, EXCELLENCE AND INNOVATION”

We are committed to observe the principles of integrity, trust, independence, and confidentiality and also avoid any conduct or activities inconsistent with those values.

We are open, frank and honest in all our dealings with our clients. We understand that our relationship with you as a client is a fiduciary relationship and thus we are committed to use our utmost skill and care in acting on your behalf.

We are committed to provide value beyond the transaction. For us, every communication with new clients is just the beginning of a long-term relationship and keeping that connection healthy requires the ongoing delivery of added value. To this end, we view our relationship with clients as a partnership, rather than a single lawyer-client interaction, and work with them to determine the best path for solving their problems and addressing their concerns. Our motto and guiding principle is: “We invest in trust to get a return on trust”.

We are dedicated to always retain our professional independence and our ability to advise our clients fearlessly and objectively. Independence is essential to our function and it is our duty not to allow our independence to be compromised. We are committed to avoid acting where there is a conflict of interest. If a conflict of interest arises in a particular matter in which we are acting, we shall seek your informed consent.

Without the certainty of confidentiality there cannot be trust. We e are committed to observe the legal professional privilege and the wider duty of confidentiality. We understand that confidentiality is not limited in time.