“By joining forces, we provide an even greater depth of expertise and a wider range of services, while also maintaining the highest quality standards”

The teams of “Mikroulea, Staikouras & Associates Law Firm” and “Argyropoulos – Gissaki & Associates Law Office” united forces and created a Joint Venture to form a stronger and more diverse, full-service legal team.

Argyropoulos – Gissaki & Associates Law Office, led by Giannis Argyropoulos and Vassilo Gissaki, was founded in 2005 practicing law innovatively mainly in the fields of commercial-corporate law, employment law, the law of public tenders, intellectual property law and data protection law. The client portfolio of Argyropoulos – Gissaki & Associates includes a wide range of international Group of companies in the fields of digital transformation, digital security and information management, construction, health and medicine.

Mikroulea, Staikouras & Associates Law Firm was founded in 2013. With their renowned expertise in banking law, securities regulation, competition law and commercial-company law, Mikroulea – Staikouras Law Firm is recognized as a leader in the relevant fields and adds considerable strength and depth to the newly formed Joint Venture. Mikroulea – Staikouras Law Firm provides specialized legal advice as well as high-quality litigation services to a wide range of listed and non-listed companies, financial intermediaries (e.g., banks, investment and insurance companies, collective investment schemes), individuals and international investors.